WAB Sender

Mass Send Personalise Whatsapp Business Messages in a breeze

Reconnect with Your Client

Mass Send Personalise Whatsapp business messages and reconnect back with your client.Purchase at $2.65/month


  • Automated

    Simply import your list via CSV format and see your draft messages send out on Auto-Pilot

  • List Building

    Manage your contact list and variables in CSV format and upload into WAB Sender

  • PC Version

    Work on Google Chrome Extension

  • Hook Your Buyer

    Get more response by personalising each messages to your clients

How it Works?

First thing to do is to install the chrome extension. Note that this only works in Chrome browser. After installation, Open https://web.whatsapp.com/ and then click on the WAB Sender icon to activate it.

  • Prepare Your Name List

    You can either key in the numbers directly or upload via CSV format with its relevant variables. Make sure the number is in the correct format exclude country code.

    Only send one list per one country at any time as the selected country code will be appended automatically to the contact number.

  • Draft Your Message

    Drafting your message is a piece of art. Do start with reminding prospect how you get their contacts. Personalise your messages to get more response.

    Go Straight to the point and avoid long messages.

Walkthrough Demo


Sample CSV Data Format

Sample CSV Data Formt

Best Practices

  • 1) Please conform to Whatsapp Business Terms and Conditions at all times. Do not spam.
  • 2) Do not buy contact list and spam
  • 3) Send only relevant messages to targated audience who previous subscribe
  • 4) Please conform to local Do Not Call (DNC) and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  • 5) Recommended to send only to people who are in your phone contact list and vice versa
  • 6) Do not send too many in one day (preferably below 500). Note that restriction is not on the app but rather on whatsapp itself and also the quality of your contact list and messages content.


WAB Sender has been help reconnect to my existing client in a breeze - Sandra
WAB Sender has help me reach out to my clients in masses. Personalisation of the messages give me higher response from my clients - Kevin
it normally take me more than 1 day of effort to whatsapp out to my existing clients. Now i can do it in within 10 minutes while let it run on auto-pilot - Matthew

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